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Tank Tops

Very fitting :-) Live in Florida and Love my new tank top! Great products!
#1 - jmarie



I Love my Florida Life because of all the water, oceans, lakes, rivers and the intercostal waterway ! The decal looks wonderful on the back window of my car.
#2 - Sue



The weather is rarely ever cold and the fishing is Great ! My Florida Life is Perfect ! My new shirt is comfortable and the koozies are awesome !
#3 - Peter



The weather in Florida helps me enjoy my Florida Life. I love all the great colors the Florida Life shirts come in .
#4 - Jean



Boating in Florida is wonderful because of all the lakes, rivers and salt water! I love fishing in Florida. The Florida Life koozies are beautiful and useful.
#5 - steve



Love the Florida Life Koozies, they go where ever I go ! Always have one in my purse ! Adore the tropical colors.
#6 - Heidi

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